About me

Welcome to my Blog about nearly everything I experience!

My name is Mike Cacioppo. I’m about to finish my Associate’s Degree in Computer Graphic Art, and i’m not too sure where I want to go from there, but I know it will include video games, as they are one of my passions.

I grew up in Franklin, New Jersey and lived there until the summer of my 18th birthday. My family then moved(as per my suggestion) to Florida. I currently live in a town just outside Tampa, Florida, and I love it here!

Some of my interests include video games, music, computers, the internet, art, traveling, and life.

I’ll be blogging about a lot of things that I find interesting, and some of the posts will probably be pretty long and in depth. I will always freely express my opinion on something, you, the reader, may or may not like it, but I make no apologies for my beliefs, and I encourage everyone to stand for what they believe in. With that said though, I don’t normally go out of my way to offend people, so don’t worry and hopefully you’ll enjoy some of the things I write about!


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