Posted by: Mike | August 19, 2008

an update to the to-do

In an effort to start writing again, and keeping an active blog, after i’ve written things down in my notepad that I usually keep on me wherever I go, i’ll start writing about them here.

I’ve come to a point in my life where I really need to consider getting some more structure and organization, at least a little bit anyway. This is the first step.

I’ve made a short list of short term goals i’d like to accomplish within the next few weeks/month or two.

  • Blogging/writing more.  One of the main reasons i’m putting my to-do/goals list on here is to accomplish this goal.
  • Get my art programs working again
  • Research and begin to learn a new language(most likely spanish)
  • exercise more. starting with lots of bicycle riding.
  • eating less junk. about a year ago I started exercising and eating very well, and as a result lost about 20 lbs and felt much better, the holidays and having the flu for 2 weeks kind of put an end to that, and it’s long past due time to start that up again.
  • Designing and implementing a website. Be it my own for portfolio displaying purposes, or just a project for knowledge, I have to get something together soon.
  • Researching T-shirt design printing. I’ll explain more about that another time.
  • Resolving the financial aid issues at school(a whole ‘nother topic) so I can get my degree and continue my education in the spring/summer of 09.
  • Save more money.(make more too? lol)
  • Network, and not the kind you do with computers.

Well, that wasn’t such a short list, but it’s things i’ve been thinking a lot about recently, and things I need to do(most of them anyway.)

I forgot how fun it is to blog!

Going to attempt a ride before it gets dark/rains(stupid tropical storm), if I can get this program working with my iPod anyway.


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