Posted by: Mike | May 22, 2008

The ever changing To-Do list

Now that I got some introductory stuff squared away, I can get to the meat of what I want to talk about!

I should be sleeping right now(3 hours ago actually), but laying in bed is when I feel the most creative.

My mind is working in overdrive as I’m trying to go to sleep, which is probably why I have so many cool dreams. I made this blog a few days ago, but I decided that if I’m going to blog, I should just stop waiting and do it already! I probably should have picked a better time, but you can’t choose when you have great ideas, right?

I’d just like to mention that I’m really having a lot of fun with this right now, even though I’m 99% sure no one is reading, it kind of feels good to just talk about whatever I feel like talking about, and see it out in front of me.

Man, I didn’t know what I’ve been missing out on!

But getting back to what I was saying, I think of so many cool things when I’m laying in bed going to sleep, as I’m sure a lot of people do.

One of the things I was thinking of a little while ago, is that I wish I could just go off and “be”.

I’d love to just travel the world, and see everything thats out there, without having to worry about a job back home, or having bills to pay, or much responsibility at all really… I’m sure many people would love to do that as well. I’m confident I can achieve something similar to this dream one day, but obviously we will all have some responsibilities we can’t get away from.

One of the places I’d love to travel is Ireland. I was watching the movie “P.S. I love you” the other night(so what if it’s a chick flick?!) and it’s a really great movie. One of the things King Leonidas err..Gerard Butler’s character does for his widow, is send her and her two best friends on a trip to Ireland(he says he’s Irish in the movie, but he’s actually Scottish, but hey it’s close) because thats where they first met, and I thought to myself, I’d love to go there one day.

I’d love to go to many different European countries in the future actually, they’re all so beautiful, and have amazing historical sites throughout the land.

I’d go alone, but If it were possible, I’d love to bring my Great-Grandmother, as her mother was from Ireland, and she’s only been there a few times to see her family. I don’t know how possible this would be, seeing as how she just turned 92(though is still very mobile and in good shape for her age!) last month.

Along with her, I’d love to take my mother’s parents to Europe as well, more specifically Italy, as thats where my Grandma’s family is from, and my Grandpa(my great-grandmother’s son) is Irish, but he loves Italy and Italian culture, probably because of my Grandma, and the fact that he was stationed there for a while when he was in the Navy. I’m not sure about my other grandparents though, I’m sure my Grandpa would love it(his parents were Italian too, and his wife is of Irish heritage), but I’m not sure my Grandma would appreciate it as much.

I’d love to take my parents there as well. My dad went to Spain when he was 15 for a class trip, and has loved Hispanic culture ever since. I would like to take him back there someday, as I’m sure he would definitely appreciate the experience. My mom too would probably love it, but getting her there is another story…

As much as I would love to write more, I really should be getting to sleep, last class of the week tomorrow. I’ll probably explain that in another post soon.

This will not be the last you hear of me, I promise! I’m really enjoying the heck out of this. 🙂

Until tomorrow evening!


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